In The Loop

A coastal yarn boutique. We can't bring the water to you, but we can bring you the peace of knitting, crocheting and being creative.

Why Choose Us?

Knitting and Crochet is a quiet and peaceful way to be creative. At In the Loop, we have learned that the ancient art of handwork is healing to the spirit and soul.

Primarily "In the Loop" is a beautiful yarn store, filled with incredible yarns that are not easily found, such as

Our store, located in Historic Downtown Silsbee, is a gathering place, where like-minded souls can browse the wonderful yarn and sit and then crochet or knit in a beautiful sitting area to your heart's content! You may learn something by participating in the conversations of other yarn enthusiasts, or just enjoy the company of others who share this interest with you.

By all means, visit the beautiful and unique store! But if you can't, you can still browse and purchase the yarns in our online store.

We strive to bring the peace of the sea to our customers through the ancient art of yarn-work.  We are a coastal yarn boutique.  We can't bring the water to you, but we can bring the peace to you.

Cyndi Fontaine


In addition to this online store, please visit us in our brick and mortar store, located in Historic Downtown Silsbee, Texas.  Hide out in our knitting parlor and enjoy a complimentary gourmet coffee or a hot tea and listen to music as you enjoy your knitting or crochet along with like-minded souls. 

130 EastAve.H.Silsbee,TX USA

Store Hours

Wednesday - Saturday

10:00AM - 5:00PM


2:00PM - 5:00PM

Sunday - Monday